M.Soul - Concert à Leo-Wohleb-Straße 4 Fribourg

Le 11-02-2022

Fribourg En Brisgau

Leo-wohleb-straße 4 Fribourg 79098

Tel : +49 761 7070444

19 euros

20 H30

Infos concert :

This event is cancelled. It will be postponed... more infos coming soon.

Marcel Soulodre, aka M.SOUL, is the Wanted Man On The Trail Of Johnny Cash.
Wanted Man On The Trail Of Johnny Cash is a moving and sincere homage to a true American original.

Photo concert Fribourg en Brisgau Leo-Wohleb-Straße 4  Fribourg M.Soul

Photo du concert de M.Soul à Leo-Wohleb-Straße 4 Fribourg - Fribourg en Brisgau